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Browse our range of NudgeBars vehicle accessories. Our products are locally manufactured in Brisbane and available for delivery Australia-wide.
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Browse our range of NudgeBars vehicle accessories. Our products are locally manufactured in Brisbane and available for delivery Australia-wide..

Working in the trades industry can be a challenging job, and from time to time, things can go wrong. Indeed, many premises can be incredibly fast-moving environments, and there is the potential that this could endanger the safety of your vehicle! Nevertheless, our range of premium-quality nudge bars could offer the optimal solution to this challenge, helping you to ensure your trades vehicle remains safe and protected while on the go, even in the busiest of environments.

What are Nudge Bars?

Nudge bars are a different kind of bullbar that are usually fitted to sedans, utes and 4WD. They offer your car additional protection from common accidents that can happen on the road.

Nudge bars offer a wide array of benefits for your vehicle, but their primary function is to somewhat protect your vehicles bumper from damage in the event of a collision. Although they are generally not as effective for high-impact collisions, they are the ideal solutions for any vehicle that operates in a busy environment where nudges are common.

Benefits of Nudge Bars

Nudge bars offer a selection of perks for your vehicle, and ensuring you have invested in the right nudge bar solutions could be an essential step. The nudge bar acts as protection for your vehicle’s grill, ensuring that scratches and scrapes with other vehicles or equipment in a fast-paced trading environment won’t leave your trades car too damaged.

Our nudge bars will increase the frontal protection of your car and are the ideal platform for mounting accessories. Precision engineered from light, industrial-grade aluminium tubing, our solutions are effective enough to safeguard your vehicle. They are designed to somewhat protect the radiator grille and front bumper in the case of a collision. Our designs take on trade racks with Hracks for your convenience to carry lengthy materials such as ladders and fittings. Hard-wearing and low-maintenance, they are a practical addition to any sedan, ute or 4WD. We currently have three different models available in our Polished Aluminium Series. Our nudge bars vary in size and form to suit your car’s body type. They are available in a range of colours and come with a polished finish. All of our products are made to the highest possible standard and display the utmost workmanship. Why stop at a nudge bar when you can get twin sports bars or side steps to finish off your vehicle and have it stand out in the crowd? Increase the aesthetics of your vehicle with our stunning range of polished aluminium protection systems available in Brisbane.

Find Out More About Top Quality Nudge Bars Today

If you want to find out more about the best nudge bars on the market, then our team here at AllBars Vehicle Products is on hand to help. With over twenty five years of experience in the industry, we’re proud to offer some of the most versatile and high quality solutions for all of our customers around Australia. So, don’t compromise; contact us today to find the optimal solutions for your vehicle’s needs!

25 Years
in Business
We provide high-quality roof and ladder racks, tray bodies, sports bars, ute racks, nudge bars and side steps made in-house by our production team.
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